SKILLZING support young people, women, families and working professionals with a variety of training solutions all designed to empower them with some real life skills to improve their physical and mental health and safety.



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Gary Payne 

I've been designing and deploying training solutions for Military and Police

personnel, community groups, schools and charities for the last 30 years. 

In 2007, after a successful career teaching hundreds of Military and Police

personnel how to stay safe whilst performing their operational duties,

I was asked to develop a course to support victims of bullying in schools.

Keen for this NOT to be a physical self defence project, I created a

non-physical education that could be sustainably delivered through the schools PSHE curriculum.

The Life Skills for Children course was born out of this period and was the main driving force behind the charity I set up called "Young People are our Future". Through the charity, 13,000 young people, 600 families and numerous professionals experienced this great educational resource.

My passion to support women with their personal safety concerns was addressed in the early 2000's when I was asked to create a course by Women's Aid. After a huge learning curve working with a handful of domestic violence victims, the content of the women's safety course was born and to date has been successfully delivered to over 20,000 women. This course is a preventative measures approach for all women aged 15 years +.

Several years ago I started to provide my services as a consultant, supporting existing projects around the country supporting vulnerable people within the community. It was within this role, that the "Inspired to Achieve" personal development course was created to support young people in their transition between school and the workplace and adults who needed support on their mental health journey.

I also provide a one to one and small group training service where I create bespoke solutions for individuals to meet their fitness and self defence goals. Passionate about empowering people of all ages and genders with those core life skills they need to become the best they can be, I am continually looking to create and support people at home and work.

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Gary Payne
Senior Trainer & Mentor


Skillzing, Milton Keynes, MK10 9PL  Tel: 07902 172204

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Personal safety & bullying incidents are challenging and often devastate the lives of its victims.


Having the skills to assess and avoid becoming a victim to bullying or a safety issue is essential to developing those core life skills that we all need to become the best we can be.

The Life Skills course empowers young people with these unique skills 


This course is a practical and very effective learning experience that is designed to improve a women's safety, confidence, communication skills,

self-believe and much more.


Delivered over a couple of hours this course is ideal for all women.



Inspired to Achieve is a mental health booster jab, designed specifically for  young people transitioning between school and the workplace.


It has been designed to empower young people with those core life skills to enable them to think positively, problem solve, plan and develop a mental resilience to all that life sometimes throws at us.


For over 30 years I have been providing bespoke training solutions to individuals to help them meet their fitness and safety goals.

General fitness

Weight Loss


Wing Chun 

Military Combat

Women's Safety