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Seminar duration:        90 Mins

Target group:               5 - 16 years 

Max no. of attendees:   20

Course prerequisites:    None

Interactive:                  Yes

What makes the Life Skills seminar so powerful is the energy created within the group as the content of the seminar is delivered. A group of up to 20 young people expressing themselves through some interactive learning whilst digesting some important life skills.

Delivered successfully to over 13,000 young people already, this seminar has been developed for both primary and secondary schools.

Life skills that will not only keep them save but will help shape the way they interact with others and respect those around them. 

To cater for both primary and secondary aged children, the seminar has two bespoke deliveries with learning modules uniquely written for the respective target audience.

The seminar content includes; 

- FRINGE AREA ASSESSMENTS - Awareness skills to avoid potential danger

- COLOUR CODING - Associated colour mindset training

- COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE - Body language v Verbal

- SAFETY DISTANCE - Understanding spacial awareness

- ASSESSING THE BULLY - Understanding the bully mindset

- STRESS BUSTING - The be calm and breath exercise 

- TRICKS & LURES - People, internet and cuddly toys

- CREATING EVIDENCE - How to create evidence logs


- PERSONAL SAFETY TEST - A simple quiz to capture some key messages

Wow, this is a great seminar that is fun and full of some really good tips for staying safe. I have personally witnessed Gary deliver this seminar nine times and the response he receives from the children is great. This is a must do event for any primary aged child and I promise, you will learn some great tips too. Sylvia Hopkins 



Are you one of the growing number of parents who have chosen to educate your children at home. Why not use the Life Skills course to empower your kids


I will attend your school for either a half or full day and run multiple workshops, 1 to 1 mentoring sessions and life skill seminars