Having the right skills to navigate the journey into the workplace is essential and it is for this reason the Inspired to Achieve course was written. The content of the course is full of interactive learning designed to educate attendees in how to think successfully, problem solve successfully and ultimately to dream successfully.

Understanding how the brain works and how the choices we make determines our future is crucial to establishing an effective action plan for achieving goals. This course does just that.

Ideally delivered through a group setting, attendees are challenged to work through a series of personal development activities in addition to working as a team to develop some core life skills. 

Content includes; competent & capable, thoughts, beliefs and controls, perception & goal setting, attitude v altitude and comfort zones & challenges.



Course duration:         3 Hours 

Max no. of attendees:  10

Course prerequisites:   None

Interactive:                 Yes

Providing young people with the skills they require to successfully transition between education and work is why we exist, so when Gary came along with his Inspired to Work course, I felt it was worth a pilot. Put simply, this is a brilliant course, which not only provides attendees with the right mindset to take a positive step into employment but also tackles many of their personal insecurities enabling them to grow  their confidence, self belief, communication skills and problem solving skills. I would recommend this course to anybody who wishes to develop the right mindset for positive change. Alison Draper - Work Choices