One step ahead
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Course duration:         2 Hours 

Max no. of attendees:  20

Course prerequisites:   None

Interactive:                 Yes


1 - 3 women experience some form of domestic violence and it is estimated by the home office that 20% of women experience some type of sexual assault from the age of 16 years. That's 3.4 million victims.


Personal safety training has come along way from the days when people would march up and down community halls to the sound of their instructor shouting which strike to initiate into thin air. 

Today, good, practical and effective safety training is conducted with a profound knowledge of every aspect of the ordeal an individual might experience.

The Women's Safety course has been developed and refined over many years, so that attendees get a 360 degree learning experience in which they get to learn those key life skills to appreciate what they must do in a time of crisis.

This interactive course is powerful, thought provoking and designed to empower women with a set of skills and a belief system that does not require years of practice to master.


The most common thing said by previous attendees is that they felt they walked away at the end of the course with a new sense of confidence and a clear understanding of how easy it was to stay safe.

Attendees of this course will increase their;

- Confidence

- Self–Esteem

- Communication Skills

- Awareness of potentially dangerous situations

- Resilience 

- Personal Safety

This is more than a self defence course, it is a personal development education where you will really get to appreciate the importance of self respect and having the right mindset to achieve success. Gary takes takes you on an education journey where you will open your eyes to the type of people that exist in this world and the type of person you need to become. He shares with you some very simple to adopt techniques that will stay with you forever. Sue Partlynne