A popular service I have provided is my workshop experience where I will visit a school for either a half or full day and engage in several activities with individual young people, groups and even teachers.

The workshop events are fantastic learning experiences and will often be used to run multiple life skill seminars, 1 to 1 mentoring with young people who need some additional life skills and behaviour management sessions.

In regards to the mentoring and behaviour management sessions the workshop event is designed to kick-start a relationship with the selected individuals to identify an appropriate intervention that can assist them achieve their goals. Once an appropriate intervention is chosen, regular sessions are timetabled.

Workshop activities including developing;

- Confidence

- Self-Esteem

- Personal Safety

- Effective Communication Skills

- Behaviour change

- Discipline 

- Focus



Workshop duration:      Half / Full Day 

Max no. of attendees:   Unlimited

Interactive:                  Yes

As the head of challenging behaviour in my school, I decided to work with Gary to look as some alternative interventions from the traditional ones the school has been using for several years. In addition to Gary running his anti-bullying seminar within the school, Gary also ran a 10 week behaviour change bootcamp for a select group of 12 pupils. The results were very encouraging both from a schools perspective and the pupils themselves. His enthusiastic delivery style coupled with his ability to connect with each one of the pupils in a way they respected was very effective. I learnt a lot from watching Gary work. Peter Summerfield